We now live three times cheaper than families, the rent something Similar. And what we pay on a monthly basis, will not be lost, but will be credited as a repayment. In the case of the Mietfamilien all the money is lost. Easy way. And this is only because they have not had as much startup money as we do. You work as much and hard as we.

the house owners could watch in the last few decades, just as they were rich. As their homes have been consistently valuable. Without lifting a single Finger. Get rich by watching. Who has capital, to see how it reproduces itself automatically; the one who has none, toils, and comes on no green branch. So I benefit from a System that makes the Rich even richer and poor even poorer. Of a System from year to year are more extreme in Switzerland.

In any well country few people have their own four walls

the mortgage was never so affordable, interest rates are as low as almost anywhere else in the world. Thanks to low interest rates of the national Bank, have already received money, more money almost at zero cost, the mortgage. This borrowed additional money you can deduct, then tax. Money is extra money and this extra money on top of a tax savings at the top.

so, as a company would only grant the bosses and the rich employees loans and you still have bonuses as Zückerchen offer. Their less well-heeled workers would rip them off at the same time. Switzerland treats its citizens like this company is your employees. This is a Drama.

More than half the country nothing has become of this comfortable style, rich: Only 39 percent of the people in this country belong to the house or apartment. 61 percent of citizens are tenants and, therefore, excluded. In any of the well-to-country have so few people own four walls. Even in Germany, more and more people are the owners.

the houses and apartments are also grown in Germany over the years, getting more and more expensive. And there’s a new study from the University of Bonn now occupies that real estate to reinforce the inequality frightening. You have made especially the top 10 percent richer. Alone in the last eight years, to 1.5 trillion. The higher Rents gobble up an ever larger part of the budget money. Rent eat up to 40 percent of the income of the Poorer. The Range cost is only 14 percent.

Unorthodox measures asked

When Rents are rising, the so the mass of the Swiss, hardest of all. Because of where it draws the people in and around cities, increased the Rent constantly. The business is making with Airbnb apartments, driving up the prices in addition and tenant sells.

This is not solidarity. The social explosive force. No wonder demands for capped Rent, or even expropriation of large real estate kings loud. It is clear that now, finally, even unorthodox measures are called for. In Norway, 82 percent of the people have, for example, a private home. First home buyers, people under 34, there numbers, for example, only 15 per cent. Also the merits of the home buyers need to keep not a Five-percent interest rate Extreme scenario, although not the end of the low interest rates is in sight. And why real estate companies do not have to offer a larger part of their homes to purchase? And could ultimately defuse the pension funds the Situation? Why are you speculators as billions of investors to own real estate and drive up the prices, to provide, instead of consistently just your Insured direct mortgage? Only in this way justice is the only way the property goes for all of them.

Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.