It’s up and running. Up and running. The blood and the business in order. Women bleed 15’000 sanitary napkins or Tampons in a lifetime, 2400 days, six and a half years. New public bleeding. For example, on Instagram. New brands provoke with Hashtags like #letstalk about blood or sayings such as “The earth is a vagina”. The new Start-ups have swells a ton of followers, and the crowd of Fans. The Rebranding of the period to be running.

Behind the new menstrual economy, especially the founder stuck inside. They offer new, greener and more practical products. The US Start-up Lola or Stuttgart The Female Company sell organic Tampons in the subscription, conveniently and discreetly delivered to your home. Abo-Commerce flourishes and also sound in the case of socks or a razor.

Comeback of the menstrual Cup

The new entrepreneurs want to the women but also to the Laundry. Period secure suction Under competitive or sports underwear are already snapped up. In the United States starting make-ups, such as Thinx million sales. Young European companies such as the Berlin Ooshi and Kora Mikino are waiting in the wings.

The mother of the American-Flex Company, Lauren Schulte, was also dissatisfied with the common periods of products. You reanimation a product of the 30s: the reusable menstrual Cup. Also, companies such as Diva, Mooncup or Lunette have developed the Cup and offer it on Youtube and Instagram application movies and reviews. Forecasts say that women spend up to 2026 of around 2 billion US dollars for the blood Cup.

so Far in Men’s hands

Bad for the classic Tampon industry, which also provides again and again with chemical residues and the risk of infection in the headlines. You are already losing market share. Not surprising: in the past, menstrual products were launched most of the people, financed and sold, with no period. Space Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson are deer.

The new periods managers have in common, is that they also collect tons of data about the bleeding. The flow, in turn, in articles and books, and launching discussions on Social Media. So-called Femtechs have launched numerous menstrual-Apps. Even Apple has managed to make this year a cycle Tracker to the iPhone Standard. The period of a taboo subject, it has to 2019 managed definitely on the Agenda of business and politics.

Now the periods coming Emoji

The tampon tax has been abolished in Germany just. The article was previously considered a luxury and was taxed as caviar with 19 percent. Also in Switzerland, the national Council has removed the tampons expensive this year. The blood suckers are now to be considered as goods of everyday use, in the same way as Viagra. The Swedish state is already funding an Initiative, the company is certified as a Mens friendly. Of all people, a football-App-Start-up aims to be awarded as the First. Further, young firms were the Ball.

Finally, in 2019 is also the year of the period Emoji. The Contracting entity, Unicode promises to be the digital drop of blood for this fall. I’ll drink to that, maybe even a. Like a Bloody Mary.

Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She usually writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.