My Youngest sings and speaks a lot. Bell bright beautiful. But recently, his voice scares me, too. Better said, what can be read from his voice.

We know it’s a long time ago: The voice can not hide feelings well. The voice does not lie. And we also know that resourceful researchers, subjects voting for years to test. It is also known that Tech mega-corporations talked about wizard such as Alexa millions of voices to listen to, and voting to create profiles. In recent years, many voting analysis built prototypes. And the studies and Tests show that you are filtering on, in the meantime, diseases and feelings of the voices, often more accurate than Doctors or therapists.

Of vowels biomarkers, researchers speak of a scan, the vote to diseases. Now you can recognize on the basis of the voice of autism, attention deficit, Alzheimer’s, and much more. The voice is a sound of full, distinctive Pin. And you tell us to companies that know how to use the commercial.

in addition to the Tech giant’s numerous medical Start are-ups, or those from the military is listening to Japanese technology proven in countries such as Israel, Beyond Verbal, voice sense, and German companies such as Precire, Audeering. This voice diary Apps like Maslo, where people entrust their innermost being. These are priceless Data, which can unfortunately be used against human.

for Example, against the applicant. More and more companies require voice samples. Is someone over-tired, under the influence of alcohol or locked? The machine knows it immediately. It provides the companies the supposedly transparent candidate, and decrypted in Bits and Bytes.

the voices of The women are already online, open to the public. It’s no longer a matter of what group leaders say, but how you say it. You are on the fence, hesitant or confident? Worse still, sick or addicted? The voice is the lie detector. Programs listen to and see how it looks in the body and the soul of the CEOs, traders earn money with it. Last week, one of the largest global investors at a conference that he has been using such Software.

just like Amazon with his children-speakers of the Smallest listening and voting is technically missing. I hear the singing my child and screaming could. It is a serious one, and it goes too far. Especially the Smallest, must be protected from data collectors. Well, that’s against Amazon therefore, now lawsuits have been filed. #departure

* Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.