Where can you buy Ripple?

Before you buy Ripple you should opt for a reputable provider.

  • A trusted and popular provider based in Austria with the company Bitpanda is. This offers in addition to Ripple, to many other currencies, eg. the in-house BEST-Token, with which you can save money by trading on the stock exchange fees.

  • Sometimes the largest selection of crypto-currencies, the exchange offers Binance. There, you can take advantage of over 500 trading pairs and it will be listed regularly for new projects.

  • A further provider for Ripple Litebit, based in the Netherlands. There you can make easily by instant Bank transfer or credit card deposits. This exchange is suitable for their Clarity, even for beginners.

  • There are numerous other providers of Ripple in the network for which you choose remains up to you. However, always pay attention to the seriousness and the reviews in the Internet, there is no exchange is 100% safe from hacking or theft. At best you can transfer the Ripple to the purchase of a Hardware Wallet like Ledger Nano-S or the Trezor One.

  • For the application, you must first specify an Email address and a secure password of your choice. In General, you need to specify in the case of a reputable exchange your personal data. The KYC (Know Your Customer, Know English: your customer) regulation is primarily for the prevention of money laundering and fraud.

  • Of purchasing and selling works the same way in all the stock exchanges about the same. After you logged in successfully, and for a paid option have decided and your account charged, you can buy the Ripple at the current price immediately (Market Order).

  • you Want to wait, however, until the price is cheaper and only then, will strike, so you can set, purchased at what rate and to what amount automatically shall be (a Limit Order). The same applies of course also for sale.

  • Disclaimer: Please note that crypto-currencies are subject to strong price fluctuations, and in the worst case, total loss can result. They understand this article by no means as a recommendation to buy and operate their own Research in advance.

What Ripple is? (Image: Pixabay/Miloslav Hamřík)

Before you buy Ripple you should be first with the technology and the history of the Internet currency to make.

  • Ripple (XRP) was founded in 2012 and is a database, which can be used for Peer-to-Peer payments.

  • is an Open Source project of the company Ripple Labs, which is supported in part by Google Ventures and payment transactions in different currencies allows.

  • other than, for example, in the case of Bitcoin, not Ripple to a Blockchain and there is no need of computing power to Confirm transactions.

  • Due to the high scalability and low transaction costs of the payment system is mainly used in banks to use. Currently, Ripple creates a maximum speed of 50000 transactions per second and is thus approximately equate with Visa.

More Ripple

If you want to learn more about Ripple and crypto currencies, then we have the following book recommendations for you.

  • Ripple and XRP for beginners of the romance of Alexander the great provides an Overview of the project Ripple.

  • crypto-currencies of Dr. Julian Hosp is a book for beginners about crypto-currencies and Blockchain, as well as their functions and applications.

  • Blockchain: Bitcoin for beginners by Daniel Klein is a factory with a focus on Bitcoin for beginners.

  • the crypto coins: want to Invest in the investing in digital currencies by Aaron king serves as a basis of knowledge for All in crypto currencies.

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