According to the interior Ministry demonstrated in the whole of France, approximately 151 000 people, of which about 16’000 at the Central rally of the trade unions in Paris. Media reported that 40’000 protesters in the capital. In many Parts of the country, the demonstrations were peaceful, in Paris, the mood heated up quickly.

The clashes began when several hundred activists of the so-called “Black Blocks” to be pushed on the Boulevard Montparnasse, a rally that was supposed to start a protest March through the city.

members of the anti-capitalist “Black block” and the radical representatives of the protest movement of the “yellow West” had called to Paris on 1. To turn may in the “capital of the uprising”. Already last year there had been on may-day in Paris serious violence.

Philippe Martinez of the Communist trade Union CGT had to leave the top of the Demonstrationszugs temporarily, after he was Radical approached. After he accused the security forces that he had been sprayed you with tear gas. Martinez criticized the Ministry of the interior in focus. This had claimed to not have a grasp on the Situation, which was obviously not the case.

Around 7400 security forces were in Paris in the use of, the district, the Concorde square and the splendid Boulevard of the Champs-Elysées were completely sealed off. The interior Ministry had previously expected, with up to 2,000 violent protesters.

The police notified until the afternoon 206 provisional arrests. President Emmanuel Macron announced a decisive action against the rioters.

Except in Paris were announced in many other cities of the country rallies of trade unions, “yellow West” and politicians. In contrast to the capital prevailed there despite a high police bots up more of a Festive atmosphere. In some cities, such as Caen or Lyon, the prefectures had forbidden, however, rallies in the inner cities.

The trade unions are demanding that the government measures to increase purchasing power. Macrons reform proposals of the past week, such as a significant reduction in the income tax, and more direct democracy, with which he responded to the continuing protests of the “yellow West”, poking at them with criticism. They emphasise that will not improve the situation of the socially Disadvantaged.

At the same time, the unions fear that their claims might be covered by the riots of the “Black bloc” or the radical “yellow West”. “It clouds our message,” said the head of the trade Union Force Ouvrière (FO), Yves Veyrier. Martinez of the CGT, said that the “day of mobilization” was in accordance with Macrons announcement that he would “change nothing”, is particularly important.