the protesters-affiliated physicians Committee reported another four Deaths. Previously had agreed both sides that instead of the military, a newly formed member of the cantonal government, the country temporarily.

According to arms data, a protester and an officer by gunfire died in front of the military headquarters in the capital, Khartoum. There are thousands of people for a civilian government protest in weeks. The physicians Committee spoke of four other slain Protesters. If you were also shot in front of the army headquarters, was initially unclear.

For the Details of the fact there is different information. At a press conference late in the evening, the military Council said, and some had mixed Armed himself secretly among the protesters. Representatives of the protest movement said, however, that members of a militia close to the ousted Regime of long-standing heads of state Omar al-Bashir, would want to interfere with shots the “the breakthrough in the negotiations”.

a Few hours earlier had the military and demonstrators are given an agreement in the dispute over the future government of the country. As a new government body, a Council should be formed of “military and civilian representatives,” said a spokesman for the protest movement to the AFP news Agency. Al-Bashir has meanwhile been accused of involvement in the murder of demonstrators accused, how the Prosecutor General’s office announced.

The army had a three-decades-long authoritarian ruling head of state al-Bashir, after months of mass protests on 11. April plunged. For a transitional period of two years initially, with a military Council was established – the protest movement saw in this body, however, a continuation of the government of al-Baschirs.

sticking points in an agreement are and especially how exactly the balance of power between the military and civilians and how long the transition phase should last.