Fredi Bobic listened carefully and pleaded “guilty”. Lars Windhorst also got a full Hertha lesson in the exhibition hall. In a memorable general meeting, the executive committee is not voted out of office. But the Berlin Bundesliga club is deeply divided.

Riots: loud boos, violent accusations – but no revolution. A week after the dramatic rescue of the Bundesliga, Hertha BSC gave a worrying picture again. After hours of emotional debate, the vote of no confidence in the presidency that remained after the resignation of club boss Werner Gegenbauer failed.

Embarrassed silence: But one thing quickly became clear to the subdued managing director Fredi Bobic and million-dollar investor Lars Windhorst as a listener: A deep rift splits Hertha after years of the great crisis. Interim chief Thorsten Manske resigned after a disastrous election result of 64.2 percent rejection.

Angry members: “We are the most embarrassing club in Germany,” said one member. This resounding verbal slap was representative of a series of angry verbal contributions. Mismanagement, failure of control and paralyzing standstill were the charges. Meeting leader Dirk Lentfer had to intervene to calm things down several times. But the opponents of a radical upheaval also made themselves heard.

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