belongs to Demonstrate in the Western democracies the rights of Minorities, and that is a good thing. There are approved and unlicensed demonstrations, and there are people who adhere to it and others are not. Demos in the fresh air, encourage health, and as a Dating platform, you are not to be despised.

Popular, because hardly controversial demonstrations against the dictators, where one sometimes wonders why, in the peaceful Switzerland will be demonstrated, and not on the crime scene in the Middle East or in South America. Or have told us media that all these despots live in truth, in luxurious Apartments at the Zurich gold coast? Definitely not a Swiss Student came up with the idea to demonstrate in Burkina Faso for a meat-free cafeteria.

in spite of phase without end

Unfortunately anti-creep for many peaceful Demos self-proclaimed fascists, the obtain with fascist methods, building cleaners, glass factories and car workshops in new orders. That teenage draining by the end of from time to time, steam, the cause is hormonal and quite normal. But if the persists, in spite of phase, even in advanced age, it is probably an under-developed understanding of the democratic rule of law.

To frustration, there would be quite peaceful Alternatives, such as marathon running, Masturbating in the Elevator, rush to drink or Sing in the forest.

The protesters in unauthorised demonstrations is usually no matter whether to transport nodes, blocks, points, willing to Work in a traffic jam, or infarction patient in the ambulance, “I did it my way” sings.

do it like the Olympians!

Creative solutions are in demand. The best rallies are, respectively, the invasion of the athletes in the Eröfffnung of the Olympic games. Because football stadiums are underutilized, they could be temporarily used as a demo stadium. The audience would be included in the booking fee. Organizer of coffee trips could be obtained to drive the customers into the stadium. On the Totomat display advertising for the heating pad, Jägermeister, and solar-powered rollators could be switched, coffee, and lactose-free cake would be for nothing – a classic Win-Win Situation. This proposal would be a Demo worth?

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS. 29. November appear in his first 50 VIEWS-columns as a book.