Rio Ferdinand and John Terry still haven’t been able to put aside their eternal rivalry. Now the two legends are taking their feud to a new level on social media.

Personal feud: Rio Ferdinand dubbed his rival John Terry the fifth best central defender in Premier League history in an interview – he put himself first on his list. Terry then first responded on Instagram with a selection of stats summarizing some of his biggest awards and accomplishments. He captioned his post: “Opinions are great, but stats don’t lie.”

Racism incident? Ferdinand responded on Twitter: “The moment you start tallying up your own accomplishments and stats, it really is time to address your fragile ego. You’re lucky you even made my top 5 after the racism incident with my brother. So be thankful.” Terry sends a final reply: “It’s a fragile ego when you put yourself first.”

Acquittal: Terry was accused in 2011 of racially insulting Ferdinand’s brother Anton during a match. He received a four-game ban and a £220,000 fine from the Football Association. He was acquitted in court.

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