It’s time to, Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Grazia is to say.

Let’s do this, dear readers. On the next Friday.

at exactly 12.30 PM, so at noon, we would like to contact you all, dear citizens of Switzerland, ask at your window, to go out on your balcony or on your terrace.

to applaud. 60 seconds.

This round of applause from all of you, Big and Small, Old and Young, should apply to those people, the day and night there for us when we need them, when we have pain, when we are afraid, are desperate to seek help, to be vulnerable are:

The nurses and nurses, the Doctors, the assistants. To All those wonderful people, the practices in our hospitals, in the doctor’s homes in the pharmacies and care is always there for us, if it goes bad on all of us. When we are at our most vulnerable.

All must have fear of the Virus. Only you don’t. They are not there. Day and night.

These people do – without any sensation.

to say All of the large Swiss media companies NZZ group, CH Media, Tamedia, the SRG and Ringier decided to ask as many citizens as possible, Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Grazia.

For all that you do for us. And in the coming days and weeks, everything will do.

Please tell your friends. Please share this message.

So on this Friday afternoon, at exactly 12.30 PM, a Moment of recognition in this country.

A Minute of applause for the many Thousands of people who help us medically in this very challenging time.

we Bow to these people in the Form of applause.

I thank you from the heart.

Spaniard clapped the first

, and we never had to rely on our Doctors, nurses and pharmacists, as it is now. To the Corona of the trouble spots around the world, you push the double and triple layers. From China, you saw images of men in White, the upset from exhaustion. It is an almost superhuman power, which is demanded by the medical staff. Around the world, people think about how they can thank the lifesavers. Not so easy, at distance keep, quarantine, and curfew.


In Spain, where there are already over 9000 Corona cases, began to the people with Clapping. Thousands took place in the capital Madrid on Saturday evening at the Windows and on the balconies clapped for minutes. Residents reported that the car – and bus drivers, with car horns mood. In other country reports in the media, parts of the loud actions.

In Italy, where the Situation is even more dramatic, clapped people on the weekend to pay tribute to the hospital staff respect. A powerful thank you! Anyway, the Italians in the crisis of creativity: Videos of half of the concert orchestras, each musician at his window, spreading faster than the Virus.

In Switzerland, we are only at the beginning of the Corona-wave, says the Federal office of public health. Nevertheless, the hospitals and the people who work there come, again and again to their limits. 8000 members of the army were called in to support the health system.