The “HB-JND” is the roadside flyers of the Swiss. Only an emergency landing in the Arctic circle because of a defective engine, now rust on the water tank of the Boeing 777, such as the “Sunday glance” reports. Result: The machine remains on the ground. The flight plan of the Swiss mess. Since the beginning of June, more than a dozen Compounds the long-were affected directly or indirectly. So it came to delays, shortfalls and the use of spare machines on flights to São Paulo, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. VIEWS has asked Philippe Strässle (51), managing Director of Airhelp Switzerland, what are the rights of passengers in such cases.

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Philippe Strässle:
, The flight schedules are so tight, because any failure heavy weighs. It comes to delays, it needs a replacement crew. All of this costs. For many airlines it is more profitable to have a flight to fail, to keep as a spare aircraft ready.

Up to 14 days prior to departure can make a airline what you want. After that, it is a duty to provide the transport service. This means that Landing of a flight later than three hours after the arrival time on the Ticket, you must pay the Airline.

This is dependent on the distance of the flight. The further the flight, the higher the compensation. It can vary between the equivalent of 283, and 678 francs. This rule applies without exception for all flights departing from Europe. In the case of flights to Europe this applies only if a European Airline the flight.

Foca ) apply. Why do I need it is because portals like Airhelp?
, The Foca does not help when trying to Claim the compensation. In contrast to Airhelp, and other organizations. Only in case of success, we will retain 25 percent of the compensation, otherwise the passenger has no cost. On the possibility of a compensation, the airlines never make of the attention.

no. The responsibility to make the flight, to comply with the Ticket purchased services, lies with the Airline. It doesn’t matter whether you book a package holiday or the Ticket directly with the airline to buy.