The police in Germany looking for hundreds of the submerged right-wing extremists. In total, arrest warrants can be against 467 persons associated with the extreme right-wing spectrum, is not enforced. The response of the Federal government to a request of the left party, the TIME is ONLINE. First of all, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung had reported about it.

Accordingly, the authorities are looking for 108 Suspects because of a politically motivated offence. Against two of these individuals have multiple warrants. The police are looking for 99 right-wing extremists because of one or more violent offences. Twelve of the 99 warrants for politically-motivated acts of violence.

According to the Letter from the Federal government, 32 of the persons sought to keep suspected abroad. A warrant for your arrest for a terrorist offence.

Left criticized increased safety authorities

In recent years, the number of the requested right-wing extremists. In the spring of 2013, the police went after 266 extreme right-wing people.

The Left party Deputy Ulla Jelpke, criticized the security agencies in view of the Figures and called for a tougher approach. “The security agencies need to think of something to be the fugitive Nazi’s faster to get hold of,” said Jelpke. It was disturbing, “that it is a three-digit number of neo-Nazis manage to escape since 2017 and in part even longer of capture”.