the second EM-day for the Swiss as desired. Briefly, our team has to fear for even the advance in the second round of the Nations Cup (Top10) from Friday.

Since the start rider Niklaus Rutschi and the following Paul Estermann this first round fails totally. EM-debutant Rutschi conceded four Drops and a time error and then a little perplexed. “Normally, Cardano has dig no problems with the water,” the 53-Year-old, the “horse week” says. “I can’t explain the error. I had a good feeling, but Cardano has somehow resigned. He is also a living being.”

But Rutschis 17 error points do not mean change the string of the result… because when Estermann and Lord Pepsi points 20 errors. The 56-Year-old loses control of his gelding than him after a Whip, the reins fall from a Hand. However, the veteran is puzzled about Lord Pepsi Constitution: “He felt limp, without pepper. Already in the Morning. That is why we have him with the Team veterinarian checked, a fever is measured.” But health-wise, everything was in order.

This output location sets the Fox and the conclusion of the rider Guerdat, of course, enormous pressure. But once more you stand up to him. With its two spectacular Zero-fault rounds to keep the team in the top 10 and secure a Start on Friday in the second round of the Nations Cup.

“We are very disappointed,”

The medal chances are all but dropped in the team standings enormously. Switzerland slips from the 5. on the 7. Between the rank of. “It happened something that I never expected. We must move in two such poor results. I can’t explain it. We are disappointed at the Moment,” said Team leader Andy Kistler.

The more he is happy for Guerdat and Fox. Their medal chances in the individual competition are not only intact, but well. Guerdat moves from the 5. on the 2. Between the rank in front. Fox doesn’t make the larger jump from the 20. on the 7. Between rank.

The additional programme: Friday 15.00 PM: Nations price, 2. Handling. Sunday, 13.00 PM: Single Final, 1. Handling. 15.30 PM: Single Final, 2. Handling.