The number of passengers of the Moscow Central ring (MBF) has reached 400 thousand per day, up 95% from last year’s figures for the same period. TASS reported on Tuesday, Deputy Moscow mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov.

"Monday, August 10, "Swallows" moved on CIP’s more than 400 thousand people – 95% from the same day last year. The top 3 most popular stations included "Gagarin Square", "Nizhny Novgorod" and "Kutuzov" with passenger traffic from 24 thousand to 32 thousand people per day," he said.

Liksutov explained that the recovery also had a positive impact input nekrasovskie lines, development of adjacent areas around the stations and integration with the railway stations. In addition, in November 2019 CIP has moved to a four-minute interval between trains during rush hours is also contributed to the increase in the number of passengers.

"Moscow Central ring one of the lines opened in the last five years, and the rate of recovery of passenger traffic better reflect its convenience and the demand for Muscovites", – said the Deputy mayor.

He added that with the growth in the number of passengers must continue to care for themselves and others: to keep the distance of 1.5 m from other people, wear a mask and disinfect hands at the metro, ICC, IDC and suburb set 2.8 thousand sanitizer.

"Let these three rules will be as familiar as to hold the front door to the station or to remove the backpack in the car", – said Liksutov.

In Moscow on March 5, remains on high alert due to the spread of the coronavirus. From 29 March to 9 June in the capital, operating mode of isolation and the system throughput. Now they are abolished, the city has all the shops and shopping centers, services, cafes and restaurants, but residents are required to wear masks and gloves in public places, and to comply with social distance.