On a dirt road in Buch am Irchel, ZH, it came on Thursday morning to a major accident between a Rider (24) and a driver (72).

just before eleven o’clock the woman rode her horse on a dirt road, as the animal suddenly shied, and the Rider dropped. The woman rushed directly at the junction in the shot-road – and remained on the ground.

then a car approached on the schoos street, wanted to turn in the dirt road. He ran over the Rider. She was severely injured, as the Canton police of Zurich informs.

Heli you to the hospital

on the spot, the injured was brought by the rescue service of Winterthur, only cared for. A helicopter from Alpine Air ambulance (AAA) and flew them to the hospital.

The exact cause of the accident is not currently resolved and will be determined by the Zurich cantonal police and the Prosecutor’s office of Winterthur/unterland.

in addition to the already mentioned emergency services and the police of the Canton of Zurich of the traffic group of the fire brigade Flaachtal in use. (hah)