Audi answered the alleged supplication is probably the mainly female clientele, and conjures up the A1 city Carver out of the hat. Surprisingly, the Crossover is not: VW hats with the T-Cross pre-power. On the question of why the small Audi SUV is not to say Q1, says project Manager Tobias Junglas: “Because he has no Quattro.” And never will have: The platform is not designed for a 4×4.

The body is about four inches higher than those of the A1 Sportback. A lot of effort, the engineers gave the suspension The ground clearance is well laminated. In addition, the city Carver remains in curves, very comfortable.

Small starting weakness

a Little less positive, our judgment falls to three-cylinder diesel with 116 HP. The 1,2-Tönner Crossover is in order, with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, although motorized everything else as a sub. However, the one-liter is unmistakable to work and can be a little time before he gets going properly. The data is from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds, 198 km/h top speed and 5.2 l/100 km fuel consumption.

Chic interior

welcoming and valuable, the Cockpit of the 4.05-Meter long Audi with nice materials, great Infotainment (including Smartphone integration, voice commands, and Bang-&-Olufsen-Sound) and a great Navi-display in the 10.1-inch touch screen. The digital Cockpit is standard. Too bad the glove box is only made of gray hard plastic. In the case of assistance systems, there’s radar cruise control and Notbremser.

Who wants to put the Audi A1 city Carver soon under the Christmas tree, you can have it in time: It starts in November 2019 from 28’to 300 francs.