Richard-Heinrich Mücke is dead. As was announced today, the Hamburg millionaire died a week ago. According to the police, he fell from a parking garage in the heart of the city. He leaves behind six children.

Life – that’s what ship broker Richard-Heinrich Mücke always did in an exquisite way: the Hamburg native invited prominent guests to his villa on the Alster or his estate on Sylt, and served caviar tastings, Galloway beef fillet and champagne as starters. The lounge lion was also happy to be seen at receptions in Hamburg City Hall or at charity events in the midst of the Hanseatic city’s high society.

But now the entrepreneur has suddenly died. As “Bild” reports, Mücke fell out of a parking garage in the center of Hamburg last Wednesday – from the top floor, 15 meters deep. Any attempts at resuscitation by alarmed rescue workers failed. The 64-year-old eventually succumbed to his injuries. He leaves behind six children.

The State Criminal Police Office then got involved and viewed the footage from the surveillance cameras in the multi-storey car park – with relatively clear results. Apparently, the entrepreneur had fallen out of the parking garage himself, and there was no evidence of third-party fault, the public prosecutor’s office told “Bild”. An autopsy will therefore not take place. “An investigation was not initiated,” said senior prosecutor Liddy Oechtering.

Mücke once founded the Allship ship brokerage, and as the company’s managing director he was primarily responsible for project deals. According to the “Handelsblatt”, however, business had stalled in recent years, and conflicts with business partners and the law were also increasing. In 2014 he wanted to sell his Alster villa to Saskia Bauer, a member of the very wealthy publisher family. But Mücke betrayed the publishing heiress several times, cheating her out of millions of euros. The case ended up in court, and the millionaire served a prison sentence in 2017.

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