To start with a question: Have you bet three weeks ago, on 10 francs to Richard Carapaz as a Giro winner? If Yes, congratulations! Then you had the Insider knowledge of a super sense or just lucky. The fact is: you sack well, according to the betting office, about 800 francs. A nice return.

the success of The Equadorianers Carapaz is a small Sensation. A good handful of other drivers (Roglic, Nibali, Dumoulin, Lopez, Landa, Zakarin) were given to better winning opportunities. They all remained on the track – also because they have underestimated Carapaz and on the 14. Stage decide to go up to Courmayeur. This is a fatal error. The 25-Year-old Carapaz, in the previous year, after all, the Giro, the Fourth, to beat mercilessly. And kept the Pink until today. “My joy is indescribable,” he says.

Carapaz was ultimately a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Inconspicuous, but always at the height. And greedy. Carapaz, Giro Winner In 2019. Sounds crazy. Never before has a man from the 17 million people counting Andean country has won a Grand tour. Until today. In the final time trial in Verona Carapaz leaves nothing more to chance, he defended his lead with aplomb. And is now on a canonization ceremony in his home country of focus. President Lenin Moreno said a couple of days ago: “Thank you for the joy you are to us. The whole country is in festive mood. We will give you the recognition you deserve.”

The hard youth ensures the success of

Maybe Carapaz, the talks, almost never smiles, and only slowly will then be right to celebrate. He has earned it. Already in young years, the “locomotive of Carchi”, a small town on a height of 3000 meters, had to work hard for his dream. When he was 15 years old, fell ill, his mother to cancer. The peasant’s son now had to keep together with his grandfather and the dairy farm going. His daily routine: Wake Up at 4 a.m., milking the cows, driving to school, come back, make some dinner, with the wheel train to go back to, cows to feed, water, mucking out, eat, go to bed. “So I’ve learned to take responsibility,” says Carapaz.

at the end of February was Carapaz an impressive picture on Instagram. He is with his first bike, a kind of BMX machine. Ancient, rusted, without tires. “When I think of it, that everything began,” he wrote to. It was a premonition? What is certain is that The silent Hero is at the top.

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