Audi RS6 Avant Quattro

to appreciate the Countless “hands” know that old Audis look almost like new Audis. Especially at night in front of the Club, the difference is under and the design strategy for the Protzbereich. 13’000 Swiss francs are sufficient to make the RS6 Avant (2002 to 2004) with 450 HP on thick pants. Plus point: Chiptuning and fat exhaust are often in the process.

Bentley Continental GT

understatement Since Neumutter Volkswagen the British Bitch and she has saved with the multiplied sales of the Continental series, pays the once-distinguished brand with a high price: Felt para the first Continental GT (2003 to 2011) preside as the W12 coupé by the dozen – really only in the cheap auffolierten Matt varnish. This 560 HP there starting around 25’000 Swiss francs.


This car has become Intimidation-driving gesture felt particularly dense. Here is the Statement that you don’t need a SUV, but just want to show that you have a rolls. Please the fake Rolex included. From 17’000 Swiss francs in the first X6 (2008 to 2014) is widely visible. Alternative: early Porsche Cayennes starting around 7000 francs.

Ford Mustang

Beyond the big pond are muscle cars like Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, almost Volkswagen. With us, land of the cheap price due to in the third braggart-Hand. Real chavvy splurge-effective with the first Retro-Mustang (2004 to 2009), including bollerndem V8. From 14’000 Swiss francs, the Arm hanging out.

Maserati Quattroporte

second-hand Ferraris and Lambos are pretty expensive. Heck necessarily an Italian noble-Label, there is an Alternative: Maserati. Just starting around 12’000 Swiss francs shall be invested for old Quattro Portes (2003 to 2012). As long as Jaguar F-Type is as an Occasion to tax, barks exaggerated no other sled like that and Wake up during the night is guaranteed to all.

Mercedes SL 55 AMG

As the Mercedes SL, from the middle – to the posh Roadster made and as of the compressor of the SL 55 AMG as a Dragster with a star trusted, wars a Sensation. Prompt the Darknet, the car hits the fans and screamed with 476 to 500 HP (2001 to 2008) from well-24’000 francs around In Clubs. Important: aftermarket Alus, otherwise does it look elegant, instead of trying to be important.