Stephanie Scolaro (26) is a rich kid who shows off on Instagram with the money her Daddy. You like shows lightly dressed in front of the mirror, published pictures of their trips and cars. But the money her father was not Scolaro enough: The million-heiress wanted to independently earn money, with prohibited skin of Python snakes.

On a website you are offered various accessories in snake leather: Baseball caps, large and small bags, phone cases, and necklaces. But they sold the illegal leather, they dealt with that, too: According to the British police Scolaro has supplied several stores in London with the prohibited Goods referred to you from Indonesia.

British police found snakes accessories to the value of about 22’000 Swiss francs

The dirty trade in arms, but only thanks to the attentive German customs authorities in Leipzig. As a package, with ten caps and two bags should be transferred in Leipzig, seized by the German customs the DHL shipment. The “IMAGE”.

The German authorities informed the British police that found in other studies of snakes-accessories in value of over 22’000 Swiss francs. Sarah Bailey, a Detective with the Wildlife unit of the London police told local media: “Pythons are among the animals protected by the Convention cites. Everyone except the legal trade threatens the existence and threatened.”

A London court saw things the same way: It Scolaro language guilty with the skin of endangered Pythons traded. The Rich Kid up to seven years in prison. 21. January will announce the judge, Michael Gledhill, the degree of punishment. (nim)