When the repair becomes an entire apartment building, the ball often ruled by contractor. Come be one. But it will be the second and even the third… And all this time, you live without hot and cold water repiping, go to the ninth floor on foot – the old lift was dismantled and a new one installed… How not to be in such a situation? This was at a “Business Breakfast” in “RG” told the Director General of the Fund of capital repairs of apartment houses of Moscow Arthur Keskinov. Hopefully, his tips will help our readers to quickly see the result, for which, in fact, afoot overhaul – the house is as good as new.

1. The first tip is to engage in the repair, not when it is completed, and as soon as the house was included in the plan. Choose the meeting of a person or group of tenants who will be able to make decisions on the house. To treat this choice is not formally, as the powers these people will include not only supervising, but also, for example, the choice of finishing materials for the door.

Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/ RIA Novosti In 2020, when major repairs of houses it is planned to replace 15 thousand elevators

the Second – to take an active part in the formation of the list of works to be undertaken.

In the regional program can be recorded one time for repair of engineering systems, the other for replacing a lift, repairing the roof and so on. But no one better than the residents themselves do not know the most urgent problems at home. They need to show. First and foremost themselves to decide for yourself: would you like to perform all these works at once, or first one, and after some time, other? The Fund overhaul not just listen to opinion of Muscovites. Arthur Keskinov highlights: residents key participant in all the work without their participation the repair just will not take place. All documents – from acts of opening to the acceptance and payment of works are signed by an authorized owner. And only after that the contractor gets the money for the statement.

2. During a major overhaul is in order, filling the entire engineering building – systems of hot and cold water, heating, renovated basements, roofs, facades of houses, changing elevators… But it’s all up to the apartment door. The apartment repairmen come only in order to install the new risers heating. You did in the apartment renovation and the fear that workers will chisel through the wall and leave. According to the rules all holes must be filled in: white ceiling spot holes must be white, and if he was papered in polka dots, have to paste over with polka dots. This is done through so-called reconditioning. And absolutely free: for major repairs Muscovites paid simultaneously with the rent and utilities on a single payment document. “You need to know: if someone that is trying to charge you a surcharge is a fraud, immediately inform us and contact the police,” Arthur says plainly Keskinov.

you Need to know: if someone in the course of repair of the house is trying to take you extra – the scammers and should immediately report it to the police

3. But if you do not let repairmen into the apartment, then when the riser will burst the old pipe, repair the flooded apartments will do at his own expense.

4. In Moscow there are no elevators, which work beyond the statutory period of operation. Change them routinely. Every fourth lift in the city now new. All correspond to the Moscow standard, which is based on comfort and safety. It includes smoothness, precision stop, must have a photocell that prevents the doors to close, if someone comes, light… For people with disabilities a sound alert, labels on the buttons are duplicated in Braille in the cockpits rails. Replacement of the lift should be coordinated with residents. If the elevators in the entrance of a few, it is best to see to set them off in turn. If only, as a rule, choose to replace the summer when most residents go on holiday.

In the capital, will check at home, who are hoarding for the repair using special accounts

5. Last year in the capital in the program of capital repairs included repairing porches. In the course of its installed modern Windows and doors in entrances and hallways, changing floor tiles, railings. Technical requirements for materials, for example, for the floor on the first floor are tile thickness 12 mm for the other floors – 8 millimeters. But varieties of tiles 40. Same with doors and paints. It gives people the opportunity to choose what they like – color, pattern. No question of any additional payment can not be stressed Keskinov.

28 million homes included in the Moscow city program of capital repairs. In the five years repaired including 8 million homes

6. For repair of the facade of each house individually developed project documentation. For example, in houses from a silicate brick restored balconies, set screens, change fencing, waterproofing. The bricks are washed and coated with a water-repellent composition. For prefabricated houses, decorated with small tiles, apply a new technology – polymer compositions, which restore the properties of the outer panels, allowing you to change not only the appearance of the house, but to create a new protective layer.

Photo: iStock New laws have reduced the price of repair, housing and taxes

7. Unlike other regions of the country in which inhabitants of houses-monuments for a overhaul pay more, the Muscovites premium is the same with all other citizens. Now he is 18 rubles 86 kopecks per square meter. But the renovation of the house belonging to the historical heritage of the city, the cost, of course, much more expensive than usual, the ordinary. Therefore, due to the contributions of Muscovites is only the fixation systems included in the program overhaul. But do work on the restoration of these houses are made at the expense of the city budget. Work under the new order begin from 2020.

8. The inhabitants of each tenth house in the capital save money on repairs not in General the boiler, on account of the regional operator, and on your special account. The city authorities this approach strongly support. “This means that people understand that they are indeed the owners and are ready to take responsibility for your house.” Therefore, the scheme of transfer to the special account from the regional operator in Moscow even easier. The Federal rule is intended as a transition year, and in Moscow all occurs within three months.

help “RG”If the house delayed repair

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the Phone city Commission for ensuring public control over the implementation of the regional program of capital repair of common property in apartment buildings in Moscow:+7 (495) 223-48-30.