Who is your audience?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: even Though they say that the population of Londongrad today about 250 thousand, but I feel that people for whom Russian is the native or second language, not so much. About two thousand students at the graduation exams Russian as a foreign language. And consider that not all people love the theater. Anyone sitting at home and watching Netflix.

fortunately, there is an audience that has formed around us in the early years when everything was going great. We put the Comedy, all the time – notices.

Photo: Jadwiga uverova Who and how teaches Russian language in the UK

But then you have a “heart of a Dog” Bulgakov, and “a Doll’s house” Ibsen.

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: We started doing more serious, sometimes more experimental stuff. We want to develop, but not always, the viewer want the same…

How many at you now in the stage performances?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: Nine. Not all of them are played. Leave the scene. But “love in a box”, which began with the theatre, we have restored at the request of the audience.

He is very good. Easy, free, plastic. And in the center of the action – surprisingly invented out of nothing the lake, which even drown. Chekhovian miniatures played by your actors as little masterpieces.

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: Thank you. Seven people are employed in this production: Oleg hill, Vadim Bogdanov, Oleg Sidorchik, Irene Cara, Jack Leverett, Alexei Averkin I am. But actors with whom we work on different plays, more, about twenty. With “love in a box” in autumn we will go to Paris. If you’re going. There magazine “Teatral” holds a festival “the World of Russian theatre”.

Who you should? How do you force all this?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: was Initially my investment and financial cons at the box office. Now, unfortunately, when they stopped to rely on Comedy, they appeared. Theatre space for performances are renting, rehearsing in Rossotrudnichestvo, the scenery at least. I wrote a lot of patrons, so far nothing in response.

Russian model of the theatre is the envy of British artists.

you Have a big family?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: Parents live in Riga, and I’m here with my husband. He did nothing to the theater, or to Russian culture has not. He was a Frenchman. Of course, you can’t lose. I understand that when the patrons are more interesting to support in London’s famous theatre which come from Russia on tour than the one we have locally here did. But it is their choice. We will still continue to do what we do.

Tell me how to survive the actors of your theatre?

Photo: Tagir Radjabov/WG Actors of Taganrog theatre told about the play by Chekhov in the train

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: In different ways. Someone teaching in schools or teaching it, as Irene Cara. Someone holds speaking events – weddings, birthdays… unfortunately, in the movie, even a professional Russian-speaking actors casting here is very narrow range. Often playing the bad Russian. And girls also offer a not very interesting role. So who like. Often in freelancing.

In such a situation, can I ask you a question, do you have plans?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: I hope that the story coronavirus will soon be over and we will have new projects. In April was planning to do a festival performance is based on “Antigone” by Sophocles on two actors. While the project is delayed due to the complete quarantine, which was imposed in London. Planned children’s show for the New year. We put “Pippi” and it is very well passed.

Then you, like salvation, is a family audience that walks and wants to go?..

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: Yes. The theatre unites everyone, who knows Russian language or it teaches that we come and students, and students of the British people, and families with children. Londongrad, I think, changed when to come for Russian-speaking from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Here is a very large community. And hence why we have so many artists from the Baltic States, because they have no visa issues.

How to survive then our creative people?

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: you Need to be prepared to do different jobs. Freelance and in addition, for the soul to do something. It’s always strange work, shaky feeling. That is, one who came here and he’s not a star, it is very difficult. Although here come the stars. And they think that they’ll immediately go some great auditions, etc. But that doesn’t happen.

In Russia, the theaters are kept on a permanent troupe. This insurance is an actor from the disasters and pandemics.

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: Russian model theatre – the envy of British artists. Then get a team together for a project and then say goodbye to it forever. Except that there are people who are well-known casting Director, and he often calls them to the Director she works with. Here all artmir project.

Ask the dreamy question: in Russia you will arrive for a tour?

Photo: Elena Lekhova Ural “Three sisters” can become a Opera of the year

Vlad Lemeshevskaya: unfortunately, under the question of “Melikhovskaya Vesna”, where we were going with our Chekhov’s play. Even if by the end of may the ban on entry to Russia will be lifted, I think, will remain binding for two weeks of self-isolation. But let’s dream about all the good.

When Vlada hex, arrived Dmitry Turchaninov, by the way, he studied at the Studio school of the Moscow art theatre (directing course Valery Fokin). Reported good news:

– And yesterday we were drowning better than that first show that you watched.


Vlad Lemeshevskaya courtesy of “the Russian newspaper” record two performances of the theater “the Chameleon” – “love in a box” and “heart of a Dog”. Well, without a visa and masks, to London, to the theatre? Here on this click… Like whether they you like like me? Worried. But it is better to err in mercy, as the saints said.

*This is an extended version of the text published in the “RG”