the Cologne – The Corona-crisis hits all of us. But the Poorest the Hardest. Now, the supermarket chain “Rewe West” and the Cologne-based company “gift“ the panel in Cologne with a voucher System for indigent support.

“Due to the Corona-crisis, there are not currently enough excess food for the table. In addition, the majority of the volunteers belong to the risk group, and many eligible recipients are over 60 years old. Although the operation has not been set, but he is significantly restricted,“ says the managing Director of the Cologne slab Foundation, Harald Augustin.

Under the slogan “We are the chalkboard” starts now, a Charity action of a special kind. donated Through the website can. The funds raised will be divided into vouchers that can redeem the needy in the “Rewe West”-markets for food and Goods of daily demand. (Cash, alcohol, and tobacco products are excluded.)