Supermarket prices will continue to rise. Rewe boss Lionel Souque sees no quick end to the increase spiral. The reason for this is rising costs in almost all areas. He announces tough negotiations to the manufacturers. Consumers should not have to bear all cost increases.

According to Rewe boss Lionel Souque, there is no end in sight to the price increases in the German food trade. “The manufacturers are currently announcing new price increases every week,” said the manager on Wednesday evening at the Business Journalists’ Association in Düsseldorf. The background is the rising prices for energy, raw materials, logistics and personnel.

“We don’t just wave through every price increase, we check whether it’s understandable,” said Souque. The retail giant defends itself decisively if it considers the surcharges to be unjustified. Especially among the multinational consumer goods manufacturers there are free riders who want to benefit from the current price wave. “We fight brutally against it,” said Souque.


The manager emphasized that Rewe itself is also feeling the dramatic rise in energy costs. For a supermarket with 1000 square meters, they would have increased from 80,000 euros a year to 140,000 euros.

According to Souque, Rewe does not want to pass on all price increases to customers. The company will forego a gross profit in the mid three-digit million range this year in order to at least limit the price increases a little.

A cheap local transport ticket for the whole country and a significant tax cut for fuel expire on Thursday. At German petrol stations, prices are skyrocketing: diesel sometimes costs more than 2.40 euros. In the past two weeks, prices have continued to rise.

The airport chaos in Germany should pick up speed again. Lufthansa pilots are on strike on Friday, September 2nd. According to the “Vereinigung Cockpit” union, the reason for this is failed collective bargaining. All important developments at the airports here in our new ticker.