they bear names such as Revolut, TransferWise, Zak or Neon and provide a digitized banking services via Smartphone Apps. This dissipative, this Fintech are referred to Startups as the Smartphone-banks, or Neobanken.

This will not bring the traditional banks in the short term nor in distress, the bottom line is that the Online comparison service money country carried out and on Monday published study. In the medium term, the Swiss banks would have to be careful, however, that they would not lose the connection.

No replacement, but addition

In the study, benefits, features, charges, exchange rates and total costs for different usage profiles between the above-mentioned Neobanken and the five largest Swiss banks (UBS, CS, ZKB, Raiffeisen and PostFinance) are compared.

It would be convinced, especially Revolut and TransferWise with favorable exchange rates, and user-friendly processes. Both according to money land, however, is not yet a complete replacement for all of the Bank services, since they offer no Swiss Bank account.

to Compare is still important

However, offset Revolut and TransferWise in the Swiss franc-Euro selling rate no charge. In the case of traditional banks, the mark-UPS for purchases were with a debit card in foreign countries, however, in the range of 1.18 percent (Postfinance) and 1.67 per cent (UBS debit cards).

not to convince But even in this section, all the Smartphone-banks: So Neon and Zak make a surcharge of 1.69 percent and 2 percent. In addition to the price premiums, additional fees are added depending on the type of transaction and Bank.

Depending on the use of

massively cheaper these two foreign Neobanken are the credit card fees. So profile total annual cost of only 3,95 CHF and Revolut of 7 Swiss francs, for example, in the case of TransferWise, in the case of a Comparison, as opposed to the Standard credit cards from Viseca at ZKB 125,65 francs and Credit Suisse’t 146,80 francs.

Depending on the profile of the rank list could look however, different, gives money to the country. In comparison, the profile of the card guide fees, processing fees for foreign currencies, exchange rate costs and credits for purchases in Switzerland were placed in the amount of 5000 Swiss francs and in the foreign countries in the amount of 1000 euros during a year basis.

Last week, compared to the comparison service exclusively to conventional credit cards. The results you find here.

comparison of banking packages

the money the country has also carried out a comparison with the Bank packages, which takes into account, among other things, purchases In the country and abroad with the credit card, cash withdrawals with the debit card, payment services and savings account interest rates for an amount of 30’000 Swiss francs.

in this Regard, the Smartphone Bank of Neon for the is for adults the profile was looking for the cheapest solution with total annual costs in the amount of 49,50 francs. It is the private account Plus the post Finance with 106,30 Swiss francs, and the Smartphone Bank of Zak with 122,50 franc follows. The Bonviva Silver Credit Suisse 200,35 franc and the private account Plus, Raiffeisen with 224,80 franc are the most. (SDA/jfr)