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He is regarded as one of France’s most significant samtidsforfattere. Michel Houellebecqs seven novels have provoked and created debate – but few have taken Europe’s own time, more of the grain of the literary.

the Novel “Serotonin” was released in January 2019. Now Stockholm’s Stadsteater made a sceneversjon of it.

book review of “Serotonin”: Few authors hit the spirit as relentlessly as Houellebecq

the Name is taken from the a hormone that has importance of including sleep, appetite, mood, degree of im pulse control and smerteopplevelse. Antidepressants often contains substances which will contribute to increased serotonin levels.

A small white pill with these characteristics, it is the main character in “Serotonin” is been use of the. Florent-Claude is a man in the middle of the forties who lives a life he thinks is empty of meaning. He has just left his third boyfriend and taken into a hotel room. Here, he thinks to be until he is tired enough of life to put an end to it.

A sad white man

That theater has been the sad white middle-aged man’s bitter tale – at least on the surface. But it is also a story about lost love and about anger.

From the hotel room follows the audience Florent-Claudes movements to the near and distant past in order to understand his experience of meaninglessness.

Houellebecqs strength in karaktertegningen is unpredictable and often ” personalities. But Florent-Claude appears in teaterversjonen more likeable than cunning.

A kind of pity arises with this tristessen of a man where he sits on a spiral set design said to be inspired by the female sex. Medicines has made him impotent. Thus, there is not much left to live for.

The lightning scene is among other things inspired by the woman’s genitalia – a not unimportant part of the Florent-Claude Labroustes life. The performance will be played in St. Paul, a church belonging to Stockholms Stadsmission.


It is striking with this monologforestillingen is missed by the slentrende språkføringen in the novel.

All avstikkerne, all the parentheses and the information, all the endless long sentences to Houellebecq, which is an important part of the novel’s being – and thus also the script.

Teaterspråket is characterized by the cleaner and clearer sentences, a clear story told in a little under two hours.

But with it goes the notion miss the flanerende språkslentringens the magic and the mood. Back is a stakkarslig man in the midst of life.

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Sven Ahlström, known from the movie the Girl who played with fire, the TV-series the Bridge and the Swedish teaterversjonen by Karl Ove Knausgårds My battle, stands alone on the stage.

Without the energy of the audience usually provides he still manages to keep the performance up. But missed by the public is evident, especially where it’s obviously been added into jests, and the response fails.

at the same time achieve Ahlström a necessary publikumskontakt through to see a lot of it straight into the camera and using the camera in the game. But the empty benches speak their clear language: Here, there is something missing.

“I’ve known happiness, I know what it is”, says the protagonist in “Serotonin” (Sven Ahlström). Even he keeps up with the help of lykkepiller. But existence is meaningless without love, and he does not hold out.


Theatre without audience is a hollow affair. At the same time dress the emptiness in this piece. For the main character is alone, very alone. And the loneliness makes life devoid of meaning.

Funny, then, that the piece will be performed in St. Paul, Stockholm Stadsmissions church. St. Paul is one of several venues that are taken in use while Kulturhuset Stadsteatern is under renovation. 1. easter Sunday, premieredagen, must be considered a relatively significant day in the church use. It doesn’t help Florent-Claude in any appreciable extent.

“Serotonin” as the theatre puts the man more than the society under the microscope.

It is okay, but the show offers still not on the big surprises. It could certainly provoked more, aroused more wonder. But it deserves an audience. A physical one, well to note.