Who can a hearty Dose of sarcasm to prevail, is prompt the Parallel between the Virus and Sars-CoV-2-induced Corona-crisis and a Toyota, the name was from 1957 to 2001: The vehicle Corona was so common in the world as the pandemic and so successful that Nissan at that time under the brand name Datsun fought him with the Bluebird as wild.

So bad, that one was from “BC” – the Bluebird-Corona-the war – voice.

Corona has been a success

The Latin word Corona for “(winner)wreath” – adorned, starting in 1957, at first only in Japan, the Toyota-upper-class-Limo is below the Crown. From the second edition in 1960, the model was exported, but usually under the name of Tiara. The third Generation 1964 to mid-size sedan, and under the name of Corona worldwide, in the 1990s, continued success.

Of Corona to Carina

there are two different “BC wars”: in the Beginning, we went to Japan, and here the Bluebird went away. Later, around the world – here, Toyota won. And in 1967, Toyota came out with the Corona on the Emil Frey AG in Switzerland.

In Europe accounted for the Corona with the end of the sixth Generation-1982: In some markets, there was a Corona, and elsewhere the Carina. To make the confusion perfect, the Carina II in many places, a Corona. According to the tenth edition of the circuit with a Corona in 1996 was definitely. Henceforth he bore the name of Premio (result, in many regions up to 2001 Corona Premio).

Popular car name

by the Way: The Name Corona is not in the car world only thanks to the Toyota common. From 1900 to 1909 there was a German, only in 1920, a French and only in 1922, an American car brand of that Name.

But the names are sound and smoke: The car can, of course, so little for his in retrospect, a sensitive name as the eponymous beer, the Hotel in South Tyrol (I), or the six US municipalities named Corona.

What is the Coronavirus is?

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