Next week, after nearly nine years of Swiss “crime scene” the last Flückiger/Ritschard sequence from Lucerne, before it goes in the second half of 2020, with the new Zurich Team. Time for a review of a total of 17 episodes. They were regularly in the criticism due to cumbersome narrative, especially at the beginning, also due to the difficult synchronization of the Swiss Originaldrehton to high German. The ratings were accordingly moved to more modest – so that the “NZZ” spoke at the announcement of the setting of the Lucerne team, even from the “coup de Grace”. And yet, we see in addition to a facilitated also with a wistful eye on the Lucerne Team, Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser, 62), chief of the often dry-as-dust clunkiness, and Liz Ritschard (Delia Mayer, 52), an investigator of often unfounded-useless Pampigkeit,. Because what you can not accuse the “crime scene”, was a lack of constancy – even Wood can grow to your heart. Please: the Best and The grotto worst nine long years, the Swiss “crime scene” in nine short categories.

bumpy Start

today’s SRF-Director and former SRF-culture boss Nathalie Wappler (51), at the time internally as a “case resolution from the Leutschenbach” feared, walking the same, on the occasion of the first episode with a lot of impact on various toes: in keeping with its Nickname, it has the first episode of “wish to remember” in 2011 and the release date move – because the result was bad just to. For the Client, Peter Studhalter (51), head of fiction at the Swiss television, is a public humiliation, especially since it was due, actually, to him, is that the “crime scene” in Switzerland takes place according to a ten-year break, from 2001 onwards, ever again. Also (for other projects) award-winning film Director Markus Imboden (64) is a public slap in the face back then, a shame. Wappler was right. Even if the public mudslinging has not benefited much, Despite Nachdrehens of individual scenes, and a nachsynchro capitalization of the first episode of “wishful thinking by the falls” in the critique mercilessly.

The best and the worst consequences

audience figures speak volumes, and so that we can present the best possible Figures, we look to the big neighbours: In Germany, the exciting serial killer-was addressed to “ye” (2015), with almost nine million viewers the most watched Swiss case, which reached all Swiss productions, with 26.6 percent, the largest share of the market. Total film’s Director Dani Levy (62) smears, however, with “The music is the last to die” by August 2018. Levy is filming the whole sequence at the KKL in a single setting. While some critics praise the technically very demanding procedure, define it as a failed, useless film-school experiment. The viewers will switch off in any case, wholesale: 17.5 percent market share in the meager 4.8 million viewers, speak a clear language. For comparison: The münster “Tatort”, which regularly reaches peak values in April 2017, with the episode “kill shot” to just under 15 million viewers and 39 percent of the market share.

hölzernste Hölzrigkeit

is Just the title of the heads of unsexy: Instead of a detective or special investigator Flückiger sedate: subject group leader, body and life means. On Youtube is the very first episode “wishful thinking” in all, yawn-see-inducing length. You don’t do it enough, and even in a worst Kuhschweizer-high German à la Ogi (I write, I am Swiss), the following Dialog-Highlight to read: “Sii, si törfen here nichchchtt parkkkiiren! The gippt immediately Puess!” Paid.

best supporting actor

Fabienne Hadorn (44) is one of the most talented, most versatile and charismatic Actresses of Switzerland – as Corinna Haas, head of the forensic service, she was sold, unfortunately, criminally and was allowed to more notice, thanks to gschpässigen Outfits. Terrific German actor Martin Butzke, who plays in “suicide” the psychologically eye-catching son of the woman who chooses to live in the euthanasia organization the handwritten death. Still terrific but the Swiss actor Philippe Graber (43), the counts in the “Out” (2018) brings out a tiny supporting role maximum effect out of it: As, he alternates as a prison guard between extremely threatening and whiny-greasy, is an achievement in itself.

The most annoying thing in addition to figure

The member of the cantonal government and head of the Department of justice and security Eugen Matt man (Jean-Pierre Cornu, 70) is intended to represent a people, but the effects are generally more like a choleric Zauderi and Verhinderi. The actor, it is not – rather, always on the border with the corruption, the figure is not drawn so clueless that Matt’s hanky-panky were usually welded or obstructed, but often rather stupid and outrageous transparent.

The most exciting result

“ye be not judged” (2015), written by the screenwriter Urs Bühler (60), was bloody, brutal, exciting, and full of moral Discord: A serial killer is running around in Lucerne – he shoots but only people to die have earned it from his point of view: the rapist, the unpunished remained, or thugs, who destroy life, who had to leave the overburdened justice system but to run. And the spectator fluctuates between loathing and the feeling that the culprit is actually right. The most watched Swiss only audience favourite was not, but it delighted the critics. The Germans chose the result, finally, even the “best episode of the year”.

The best screenplays

“Followed” by author Martin Maurer (51) provides a history of the offence from a simple Relation to a tax fraud affair in the highest of political circles, high-screwed, in which private banks play a very obscure role. Critics complained in this episode, for once, not the plot, but mainly the one-dimensional main characters. In “suicide” (September 2016) examines Director Sabine Boss (53) the moral pitfalls of the highly emotional subject of euthanasia – a result which had, in particular, in Switzerland, a lot of viewers. The all around best story, however, remains, without a doubt, “ye be not judged”.

The most annoying Dialog

Flückiger is in the episode “sink or swim” (December 2018) in a hostage situation in a billionaire’s Villa. He manages, via the alarm go unnoticed a distress call to the private security service to sell. The following idiocy unravels:

“Here, Reto Flückiger, detective Lucerne. Connect commander to me immediately with the Police.”
security: “We have (…) the instruction not to respond, because it has given so many false alarms.”
Flückiger: “This is no false alarm, here is an armed hostage-taker inside.”
security: “Then I need please the password.”

What Flückiger has not, of course. Why, then, unfortunately, the plot comes effective also of no help, and the security service-employees of billionaire hangs up with a shrug and the matter rest, and can. Utter stupid way. Who wrote this? Who is waving, so what?

worst reviews (picture coming)

“All of the figures (…) to act sometimes like sleepwalkers.” Christian Buss, in “Spiegel Online” am 14. August 2011 on the very first episode “wishful thinking”.

“dialogue from the TV Museum, you can imagine everything in Black-and-White.” – Holger Gertz, on 26. August 2012 in the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, the third episode of “a hillside with a view”.

“Staged like a eve dramolett for the small imagination.” – Detlef Hartlapp, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Prisma” on November 12. March 2016 on “the Little Prince”.