Huawei may be due to a ban on the trade in the United States, do not use Google’s apps and services. The Level 30 And the Pro is the first of the top-class device of the company, and that after the injunction was issued. But there’s not too much on the phone.

None of the bells and whistles relating to the sale of the Degree, 30 Pro, Huawei wants to use the phone at a small scale in the Dutch market. Officially, it is in the Netherlands, only one shop in Amsterdam and buy it.

It’s also not a very attractive option, it is a smartphone, which is known as (a stripped-down version of Android it runs, but no Google apps and services. For just $ 999 you can buy so it is a flawed device without, for example, YouTube, Google Maps, google Play Store, and Gmail.

I was going to review as many as possible to make use of some of Huawei, however, by default, provides an email application, a web browser, and its own healthcare app store (AppGallery). Within a day I had to go back.

in The AppGallery is still missing a lot. Popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, and are not to be found in the store. Huawei provides the in a lot of cases, as an alternative, a link to the healthcare app store that allows you to the web site of the application developer looking to come. This allows you to, WhatsApp and Facebook from the web browser to download it.

at The back of the Huawei ascend Mate Is 30, Pro. (Photo: Otto’s).

Everything is in a roundabout way,

It was not the only detour I took to get to my frequently-used apps to come up. In addition to the AppGallery, there are also a variety of appwinkels of a third party to install, with a wide range of. In this way, I could even have apps, such as YouTube and Google Maps, to download.

it’s this kind of roundabout ways have been inconvenient, and less safe. In addition, the installed the Google apps are still not complete. Due to the lack of a license to use Google’s services, I could for example not be able to log on to YouTube, and much more. These are the services through the browser, it is even more time-consuming.

all in All, it is the lack of Google is quite good. Huawei is working hard to bring more apps in its store, but at what period is not known. In addition, Huawei, the developers of the alternative software packages, which allow their applications without Google’s services are hassle-free to run. However, at this time, the Chinese manufacturer, which is simply not yet ready for the Dutch market, which explains the small-scale roll-out of the Level 30 And the Pro).

you can Search for WhatsApp in the AppGallery results. (Photo: Otto’s).

Specifications Display: 6,53 inch display Resolution: 1.176 at up to 2400 pixels Cpu: Kirin 990 or higher Ram: 8 GB Storage: 128 GB / 256 GB Camera rear: standard (40 MEGAPIXELS), angle (40 MP), tele- (8 MP) and the depth sensor Camera front: 32 MP, and a depth sensor Operating system: Android, 10 The Battery of 4500 mAh, Weight: 198 grams Price: starting at just $ 999 the Hardware is quite good,

, This phone would have been better deserved, for, quite apart from the flawed software has been in the Level 30 And the Pro is a great machine. The device feels, despite a screen size of 6.5 inches is pretty slim. The edges of your screen to the side and down, which I’m personally less of a fan of it. So, on the phone, as a result, only one physical button. The volume control by double-side tap, and then you’re using a slider, the adjustments can be done. You get used to it, but I thought it was awkward when I got on the bike and just sat with the phone in my pocket.

at the Back of the Level 30 And the Pro’s four lenses: a standard lens, a wide angle lens, a depth sensor and a zoom lens. This can be a three times lossless zoom in, and up to thirty times in a digital form in which the results may appear to be.

The camera on the Huawei phones had the past few years, is always on the top as compared to other Android-based phones, and this time is no different. In almost all circumstances, the camera is fast and with good results. The photos are very sharp and with rich colours. The zoom range is not quite as large as, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but in practice, it is not a great loss. The night will convince you.
to sum it up, the hardware is a good thing. The battery life with convenience for more than a day, and, thanks to Huaweis Kirin 990 processor, and 8 GB of ram the phone works in all the cases, and smooth. The problem lies in the software.

it is Only when you can’t use it, you will notice just how much your apps and Google services are missing. Huawei will have to take in order to be on the same level as the competition without the ban. Only if all of the popular apps are readily available, are in full work, and in the AppGallery, better way, is to the Extent Of 30 professional staff. Up until that time, you had better ignore it, because for just $ 999 there’s simply too much of what you’re used to.