The head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN is afraid of his generals and regular purges of senior military leadership that they did not create their own military clique. This opinion was expressed by Professor of the Seoul University Kunmin Andrei Lankov, commenting on another reshuffle in the North Korean security agencies.

Lankov noted that since the beginning of the reign of Kim Jong-UN out of sight disappeared many generals, thus it is impossible to say with certainty whether they were arrested or simply dismissed.

“the First three or four years of his reign, Kim Jong-UN was actively cleaning the army. The people holding key positions, constantly changing and moving,” said Lankov edition of Regnum.

He recalled that the average under Kim Jong Yne defense Minister holds office for about a year while the previous leaders of the defense Ministers have held the post for 10 years.

“This mess is not necessarily associated with repression. It is characteristic of Kim Jong-UN for the armed forces,” – said the expert.

In his opinion, it is most likely that Kim Jong-UN is afraid of his generals and trying to prevent that, they created their own army clique.

As reported by “Rambler” Kim Jong-UN took part in the meeting of the Central military Committee of Labour party of Korea (WPK), which in particular discussed the topics of appointments and dismissals in the ranks of the officers of the army. The meeting also discussed the readiness of army units “in connection with the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and a potential military threat.”