Most of those who never work, live in villages and small towns with populations less than 100 thousand people. In the group of the unemployed in the survey were those who did not work before the pandemic (students, pensioners), and lost ability to work because of the restrictions. 16% of respondents said that they switched to remote mode (mainly Moscow and St. Petersburg), 2% had this form of employment. 27% reported still working in the office or factory.

More than half of working on “udalenke” (61%) are dissatisfied with this regime. Nearly a third of them (30%) said that their work requires direct contact with people, 15% are unable to concentrate at home, 11% not able to work with full dedication. Every tenth Respondent admitted that he was tired of sitting at home, 9% said that they would like to work in a team.

That to do the job from home they like, said 36% of respondents. Among the advantages of this method of employment they called the lack of need to spend time on the road (31%), flexible work schedule (26%), more comfortable home environment (17%).