The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov told about the scheme of illegal entry to the Peninsula residents of other regions of Russia. Now visit the Crimea because COVID-19 limited. Since may 1, all guests that have no housing and property on the Peninsula, should spend two weeks in the Observatory.

But the Koreans come up with a clever way to get around coronavirus limitations. One of these notions Aksyonov said at a meeting of the operational headquarters, reports Kryminform.

“the Car to Krasnodar drives – drives, our drive up, pick up. People find a way to bypass prohibitions can”, – said Aksenov.

So he described a common way to get to the Peninsula from mainland Russia. Russians take to the Crimean bridge on the cars with the Krasnodar and transplanted into the car with the Crimean.

Aksenov urged police to be “closer” and look at the new scheme.

The police, in turn, noted that citizens sometimes try to bribe for a trip to the sea.

“I Have the facts, when people aimed to get to the Crimea offer money to traffic police, yesterday this fact is documented,” said Deputy head of the Crimean police Alexander Smagin.

In Crimea, recorded 104 cases COVID-19, 4 people in critical condition. 38 discharged patients.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that life on the Peninsula is gradually returning to normal. In may began to work in beauty salons, dry cleaners, showrooms, studios, construction, and home improvement stores.