Russians have uncovered simple ways to save money in travel and talked about the most useless spending on vacation. A complete list of tips for travelling on a budget has introduced an online service for booking tickets “Ticket.Aero” on a platform of “Yandex.Zen.”

So, first and foremost, experts recommend never to fly short haul business class. “On short flights, business class is disappointing. The ticket, which is two to three times more expensive than economy, is not justified, despite the wide chair, a rich menu and the ability to get off the plane first,” said the company.

in addition, the experts consider it a waste of food in the plane and suggest to eat at home before departure, so as not to waste money on tasteless lunch on Board.

Also, tourists are invited to withdraw from the purchase of paper guidebooks, phrasebooks and books about the sights, and instead download phone free electronic versions of these publications. “To communicate with the local population is Google translator with voice translating and text recognition in pictures. Mind you, using this software can be absolutely free”, — is specified in the text.

in Addition to unnecessary costs, the experts took the purchase local SIM cards, Souvenirs, magnets and t-shirts with the local logo.

In June, tourists from around the world revealed methods of saving money on future trips. Their ways they shared on Reddit, answering the question of the user like to travel more, with an average income. Users are advised to quickly settle with the Bank, and then proceed to rethink its budget.