the Russian tourists has revealed the most desired form of recreation after the lockdown, imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. This is stated in the results of the research service of travel and travel “”, arrived in edition “”.

According to the findings, the majority of Russians, 39 per cent would prefer currently to spend a vacation on the beach. 22 percent of respondents would choose to spend a holiday in the country or in the village to be “away from people”. Another popular option became active tourism — 12% of respondents would not mind to go on a horse, Hiking or Cycling.

At the same time, nine percent of study participants voted for city tourism and sightseeing, five percent admitted that they are choosing to stay on the couch, and three percent feel the urgent need for SPA and Wellness tourism.

Finally, ten percent of travelers stated that he does not plan a holiday as active.

July 30 reported that Russian tourists ahead of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions massively bought tickets to several destinations within the country. The most popular among domestic travelers in August were five routes — Sochi (25 percent of all bookings in Russia), Crimea (24%), Anapa (11), Saint Petersburg (5) and Kaliningrad (4).