Users can query the service application operator using MMI-codes, often called “the secret”. It is necessary to form a USSD-request consisting of a set of numbers, an asterisk at the beginning and “grille” in the end, said the Agency “Prime” Director of “Intellectual reserve,” Paul meat-eaters.

According to him, these codes allow you to learn the necessary information to subscribers: check the account balance, the amount owed, to disable or enable services, change tariff plan. Most of them are universal, but there are also special codes for users of devices on Android and iOS.

So the owners of Android smartphones can find the information about the IMEI using a combination of #06# to urgently switch off the phone will help the combination *##7594## to reset the phone to factory settings — ##7780## to delete all SMS messages#5376#.

iPhone Users, meat eaters are advised to remember command *3001#12345#, which causes a hidden menu with information on SIM card, network and signal strength, and *#5005*7672#, which can be used to find the number for the service center of their mobile operator.

These combinations can be useful to people in terms of lack of Internet and limited time. However, MMI-codes there are drawbacks — for example, frequent mistakes, reboot the device, the problems in obtaining information in case of physical deterioration of the SIM card. In addition, the system loses its popularity every year due to the fact that the owners of the devices need to remember complex combinations.