Today, there are four scenarios of the spread of coronavirus in different countries. This was stated by the head of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.

“All countries are at risk, but not all countries suffered to the same extent”, — the words of Gebreyesus TASS.

According to him, the first scenario implemented in the countries that were aware of the outbreak of coronavirus. To him, the head who took some countries in South-East Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa.

In the second scenario, observed a large outbreak that was brought under control. This was observed in many countries of Europe, Ghebreyesus said. The third scenario is developing in countries where passed the first peak of the disease, but quickly eased restrictions measures. As told the head of the who, these States have to contend with the growing number of cases. The fourth option is emerging in countries in the Americas, South Asia and several African countries. According to Gebreyesus, there is intense transmission of infection.

Also the head of the who said that many countries went in the wrong direction in the fight against COVID-19. He stressed that the situation of the pandemic will worsen if people don’t wear masks, wash hands, observe social distance and isolated house in the presence of symptoms.

Chief infectionist of the Ministry of health Vladimir closets pointed out the risks of the spread of coronavirus in Russia, reports “national news service”. According to him, a mass congestion of people, including protest demonstrations and performances, create ideal conditions for the rapid spread of the virus.