many Years of marriage, Feodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, collapsed in 2016. Almost immediately it became known that the novel has a new girlfriend, actress Paulina Andreeva, who’s younger than his twenty-two years. The former wife of Director in the show “Caution, Sobchak” admitted that she, without knowing it, brought her husband with the beautiful Paulina.

it turned Out that Svetlana for the first time publicly spoke about the external data of the girl. According to the ex-spouse of a novel, she always admired the beauty of Paulina.

“Then it came to Fedor after the performance with her, she left me with such a wild experience! She looks naked. I came in and said, very beautiful actress,” he shared details of Svetlana, noting that the very first talked about it.

“But now Fedya beautiful wife” — ironically said Bondarchuk.

Svetlana remembered how to put the Paulina and Fedor on the cover of a glossy magazine, this happened immediately after their marriage.

She also said that no feelings of jealousy towards the new lover, ex-spouse, it does not sad the fact of the marriage of Theodore to the young artist.

According to socialite rather upsets her loss of communication with Director as it was important enough in her life a man with whom they lived for quite a long period of life, and formed as a personality.

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