In the Crimea will not require a certificate of marriage couples staying in hotels. This was stated by the head of the Republican Department of Rospotrebnadzor Natalia Penkovsky on the online forum “Crimea. Sevastopol. Season 2020”, reports RIA Novosti.

As noted pen, the paragraph 19 of the list of recommendations Agency says “mostly single” placing guests in the room except for the families. “Where is it written that the guests will require a marriage certificate or stamp in the passport?” she said, answering the question whether, under the new requirements, to move into a single hotel room unmarried couples.

according to the Agency, Recalling the explanation of the CPS, the recommendation to settle people in single rooms is primarily due to the risk of infection by coronavirus. The new rule applies to people who were not previously in contact with each other, said the Agency.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian hoteliers may be required to account for settling are not registered as married people in one room. In this case the guests will not be asked to show documents on the status of their relationship — the staff will decide how to accommodate guests.