the Russian su-57 more than 3,500 times rose into the air, said “Interfax” in the “assistance”.

“Before you go in the series, the aircraft undergoes a rigorous and numerous tests military pilots. This is especially true for such a breakthrough product of the new generation as the su-57. Already conducted more than 3,500 flights”, — said the representative of the Corporation.

According to him, “is the performance of the state contract for the delivery of 76 aircraft, for the current year it is planned to supply the serial of the aircraft”.

In March, the Executive Director of “Rostec” Oleg Yevtushenko said that the su-57 has made several thousand flights.

In the same month, the world’s largest military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin has delivered the five hundredth serial fighter of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II.

In December 2019 in China su-57 declined to name the fighter of the fifth generation, referring it to a generation 4+++.

Earlier in the same month of the crashed su-57, which was to become the first serial fighter accepted into service Air and space forces (VKS) Russia.

In July 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the su-35 is considered one of the best aircraft in the world, so “it makes no sense to speed up the work for the mass production of fifth generation aircraft [su-57]”.

By 2028 videoconferencing needs to obtain 76 units of su-57. To date, produced 13 prototypes of the su-57, of which ten are samples for flight testing and three for ground static.