Russian soldiers are said to have fallen for Ukrainian hackers – the hackers’ “trick” was very simple, however, as the British “Financial Times” (FT) reports. Because the soldiers are said to have fallen for fake profiles of attractive women – and ultimately even revealed their location to them.

The newspaper quotes a 30-year-old IT expert from Kharkiv. He told the FT that after the Russian invasion began in February, he wanted to use his hacking skills to help his country. He therefore recruited other hackers and founded a group nicknamed “Hack Your Mom”, which is now said to consist of 30 hackers.

The hackers are said to have succeeded in their biggest coup in August. They fooled a group of Russian soldiers stationed in the occupied Ukrainian city of Melitopol with fake accounts on social media platforms. There the hackers pretended to be attractive women. In fact, this is how the hackers apparently got to know the Russian soldiers they were courting. Finally, they were able to persuade them to send the hackers photos of themselves at the front, the IT expert tells FT.

And the soldiers delivered. “The Russians always want to fuck,” the newspaper quotes the head of the hacker group as saying: “They send the ‘girls’ a lot of shit to prove that they are warriors.” The hacker group then found the Russian base with the help of the photos of the soldiers can locate exactly. The hackers then passed the data on to the Ukrainian military. A few days later, Kiev’s troops finally destroyed the base with artillery attacks.

Exactly which basis was switched off as a result remains unclear in the article. According to the portal “ukrainska pravda”, the Ukrainian army actually destroyed a large Russian base near Melitopol in August.