Returning to Kiev, Poroshenko was rude to reporters and left

the Behavior of the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who had returned from Spain and met his angered journalists.

the Ex-President was in a hurry to get back to Kiev to close the border at midnight on 17 March, which he had to give up the detox course at the fashionable resort. He arrived on a private jet Cessna 560XL Citation XLS OE-GjM, a flight worth 28 thousand euros.

the Reporter who asked the question about a missed interrogation of the state Bureau of investigation, Poroshenko roughly threw a “goodbye”. Get nasty, he got behind the wheel of a Mercedes and drove away with his family.

it is Reported that Poroshenko son Michael was in the mask. But no one from the family of the former leader on quarantine not sent, notes Страна.UA.

the Ukrainian Government previously has approved a rule that every visitor to the country Ukrainians will be checked for symptoms of coronavirus. If you do not find, go home, and if you find one they will prescribe a two-week quarantine.