Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden said that he would return the United States to the world health organization (who), if he wins the presidential election, on the first day at a new position. The politician has also vowed to regain world leadership of the United States.

Americans are safer when America participates in strengthening the global health. On the first day of my presidency I will return (of the United States. — at who will restore our leadership on the world stage, — cited the words of Joe Biden in TASS.

The United States government from July 6, 2020 decided to leave the who. This was announced by the American leader, Donald trump the Congress. The official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric confirmed the US withdrawal from the who.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez also reiterated the information that Donald trump told the U.S. Congress on the withdrawal from the organization. He noted that the Americans can stay without the help and protection due to the chaotic position of President of the United States.

The US government is ready to Deposit the organization’s funds, but not $500 million and about $38 million, how to pay China wrote the company informed.