The Standard with The release of the Standard, it looks good. “And a whole club is united in it against the corona virus. Yesterday (Wednesday, ed.). there was also a suggestion to the player for a significant portion of their salary for as long as the period of time of time. A large portion of the players have voted spontaneously.”

Rather put up with the club and 80% of the administrative personnel of technical unemployment.The Standard will be for the players to have a fixed and limited monthly withdrawals without any further action by the state. The savings in the wages flows through to the Standard Foundation will be back at the Liege hospital.A nice gesture from the club to the healthcare industry to help you out.

SEE ALSO is. is an Agreement between the players and Anderlecht and the fact Kompany and buddies to see from one month to save the club € 3 million).

, But it made for some gefrons to be a part of the player base, where they already have almost all of them were in agreement. They are aware of a cold caught by the Standard board of directors. Especially because of the way it was. “An e-mail-with the two options,” according to a real estate agent. “Unemployment or reduced wages. Without any prior consultation. Please note that the players are, of course, in solidarity with the health care sector. And they need to do something to help. However, you can do that as a club, however, have a different approach? Do not be so compelling. Such Neighbourhoods. It stood at first on Vincent Kompany, who met with both players. Then, it is also a good, you know. In the Standard, the character of this or that, and you have to respond as quickly as possible.”

this is just like that? “On the legal point of view, there is no problem,” said Stu Francis, from management Stirr Associates, which among other things is responsible of the defender Zinho Vanheusden. “They should have a written agreement from the player, and if you are opting for a reduction in salary, as opposed to if he were to opt for a system of unemployment.”