Return if the Bank insurance for prepaid credit

At the same time remembered: a year ago, when I made an early repayment of a consumer loan in another Bank, I have remained current paid insurance. Thought, why do I twice to insure his life, and went to the Bank to terminate the contract of the previous insurance.

– it is Useless – just told me the girl working in the front area. – No, of course you can write a statement, but you are guaranteed fail. Nobody has managed to get the rest of insurance in case of early repayment of the loan.

the Struggle between banks and customers for cheaper loans, while we continue

Statement I still wrote. Eventually came a lengthy response from the Bank, briefly reduced to the following. First, I had voluntarily insured his life and health for a period of five years. Second, the “was informed that in case of early repayment of debt under the credit agreement, the refund of connection fees to the contract of insurance is not carried.” That was followed by a verdict that such disputes in the courts have always resolved solely in favor of the Bank. The latter, apparently, in order to cool my temper down, if you decide to go to court. About him I really had thought. After all, how so? In the case of insurance, for example, has long been a proven judicial practice that to impose insurance in which a person does not need, is illegal. But what about the banks?

Photo: iStock “RG” publishes a law changing the rules for the collection of insurance premiums

– With the banks is much more difficult, – said the lawyer Rafael Harutyunyan. Institution resourceful, they have a strong legal service, all their tricks are clearly embedded in laws and therefore to beat them is extremely difficult.

According to experts, in the end, as a rule, it is all about a loophole, the same line in the contract: “In case of earlywow repayment of the loan insurance premium is not returned to the client”. The standard scheme is this: you took out a loan of, say, a hundred thousand rubles, while asking you to pay 10 Grand for your life insurance and health, promising that the interest on the loan will be lower. As a result, the Bank gives you 110 thousand, but in fact ten lists from the insurance company. As a rule, is a subsidiary of the Bank or closely related organization. Way to outsmart them there is only one, shared the lifehack Rafael Harutyunyan. Within five days after he took credit and entered into a contract of insurance, to go to cancel the last and get back their insurance money. The fact that the legislation provides for the possibility to refuse without prejudice to the arrangements that you carefully weigh everything, was considered unprofitable. But after the five days have expired, hope, in fact, not what. After you have decided on the loan with insurance, let and imposed to you by the Bank. To sue in this case, it is unlikely that it will succeed, though, in fact, you sold a product that you do not need.

However, the banks have invented the antidote savvy customers. Often today entered into the contract clause, which States that they reserve the right to raise the interest on the loan, if the client has terminated the insurance contract before maturity. While some banks have already made their advertising feature that they supposedly do not impose any insurance.