July 11, at noon Khabarovsk started: a rally in support of Sergey Furgala passed unexpectedly even for participants themselves. Everyone was expecting a detention or other restraint by the security forces. However, the traffic police accompanied a column of protesters passed through the main streets of the city. And people just strolling through the city center, enthusiastically joined the column.

At first, the fact the rally was called into question. The fact that the Lenin square, which planned the event, was blocked for so-called disinfection – surrounded by a territory with a fence, hung up the announcement. But as told those who came to the top, the activists simply moved the fence. No reaction of the police is not followed. Riot police and paddy wagons, of course, were on duty nearby, but took no action.

– We don’t know the organizers, – says Alexei, a rally participant. In networks there was information that at 12.00 gather on Lenin square. And we all came. We do not even know whether coordinated the event.

the People shouted slogans “Freedom!” “Return Furgala in Khabarovsk”, people held placards with the words “Anifungal”. But the poster was quite a bit. Despite the resolve of the society, the meeting took place without disturbances and any incidents. Most people with some perplexing just discussed between themselves what happened with their popular Governor. To the streets in support and in support of their choice out of everything: mothers with babies, seniors, teenagers – the usual inhabitants of the city. There was no symbols, no flags of any political parties or associations. In support of the audience continuously honked passing by the square cars. And when the audience moved the column through the streets, no one tried to stop her. On the contrary – the car of traffic police were accompanied by people walking.

– We didn’t expect support from the police, honestly. We wanted to walk down a pedestrian street in the center, however, the car of traffic police escorted us on the road, – says Tatyana Ivanova, a pensioner, a participant of the rally. – We don’t know who agreed with them, but such respect to us, we did not expect.

this attitude of the police towards people on an inconsistent event was unusual – as if his view of law enforcement officers demonstrated that this is a peaceful rally, so we peacefully adjusted. There were no arrests.

Recall that on the morning of Thursday, July 9 residents of Khabarovsk territory were shocked by the news about the arrest of the Governor Sergey Furgala in connection with the events of 15 years ago. Immediately on social networks swept the call to go to the rally in his defense on July 11. Information spread through social and popular instant messengers.

“MK in Khabarovsk”