Only a week ago, it was known that the sports presenter Rainer Maria Salzgeber (49) assumes the “Donnschtig-Jass”. At his side: Comedian Stefan Büsser (32). The previous Sidekick Reto Scherrer (43), however, is not a part of the show.

In an Interview with “Tele” power Scherrer but now clear: He has to leave the programme voluntarily. “I’ve always said, I’ll do it, as long as the novel is,” he explains. Kilchsperger, and he should have had a “kind of professional marriage.”

role distribution was an important

in the footsteps of today’s “tele-club”-flagship, he wouldn’t have come.”It can not be simply swapped everything. Michelle Hunziker took over after Thomas Gottschalk’s departure is not “Wetten, dass…?” In a functioning marriage, the role distribution is important,” he says.

The Job with the novel, he was made extremely like that, “but I was 14 years foreign reporters – that’s a third of my life! And since I have the same Problem as all of you: My time is running out!” Therefore, he had new dreams.

Boring to him but without the “Donnschtig-Jass” but also in this summer will not. “I have three small children. I’m going to have in 20 years, a free summer,” he says with a Laugh. In addition, he will be for his radio show “one” in the whole of Switzerland on the way. (bnr)