the Family of Robert Levinson after 13 years abandoned the hope of seeing him again. It happens after the new information.

The former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2007, has died in iranian custody.

It informs his family on Wednesday american time.

– We have recently received new information from u.s. officials. This information has been given both the officials and the us to conclude that our wonderful husband and father died while he was in iranian custody, says Levinsons family in a statement.

the Family adds that it is uncertain when or how Robert Levinson died, but it was before coronaviruspandemien, which has hit Iran hard.

It writes the AFP news agency.

Robert Levinson is one of a number of americans who have disappeared in Iran, which is AMERICA’s nemesis. But his case has been confusing and complex, like his family, until now, has maintained the hope that he was still alive.

the father of seven disappeared in march 2007 on the island of Kish off of Iran’s southern coast. The island is said to have more lenient visa rules than the rest of Iran. It is believed that Levinson was investigating fake cigarettes.

But in 2013, described to the newspaper The Washington Post, Robert Levinson, who was retired from the FBI, worked for CIA and was on an unauthorized mission to collect intelligence on Iran.

His family accused the iranian regime of “repeatedly lying to the world” about Levinson.

– Those responsible for what happened to Robert Levinson – including those in the u.s. government, which left him in many years – will ultimately feel the justice done for what they have done, says the family.

The iranian government has consistently maintained that it does not know what has happened to Robert Levinson.

the Message on the Levinsons death comes weeks after a u.s. judge ruled that Iran is responsible for his disappearance.

president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, said on Wednesday at a press briefing on coronavirusset that “it did not look good” for Levinson.

– I do not accept that he is dead, says Trump, according to news agency Reuters.

– It does not look good, but I will not accept that he is dead.

– They have not told us, that he is dead. But that is what many people think, adds the president.