Retail sales in the Eurozone fell in December by 1.6%

Retail sales in the Eurozone fell 1.6% in December month-on-month (compared to November 2019), as shown by the statistics Agency in Europe — Eurostat.

Interviewed by Reuters, economists had expected the index will decline during the reporting period by 0.9% compared with the previous month.

compared with the same month last year, retail sales in the Eurozone rose in December by 1.3%, while economists had expected growth of 2.4%.

In the EU, retail sales fell by 1.3% in December compared to the previous month, and compared to the same month last year — increased by 1.9%.

Maximum sales growth in EU countries was recorded in December in Hungary (+6.1 percent), Romania (+8,5%) and in Malta (+5,9%).

in addition, a decrease was recorded in Slovakia (-2.5 per cent), Slovenia (-6,6%) and Finland (1.6 million%).

sales of food products and tobacco products in December in the Eurozone at the end of 2019 fell 0.7% in the EU — 0,3%.

Retail sales of non-food products in annual terms increased by 3.6% in the Eurozone and in the EU by 4%.