From-for the crisis phenomena caused by quarantine measures against the background of the pandemic, the leasing company restructured a fifth of loans to their customers. In all companies there was a drop in revenue, and some had a liquidity deficit, but the measures taken by the Central Bank to demirovici these phenomena, work poorly. Thus large banks do not hasten to participate in the support program in the industry.Leasing company in the first half of restructured customers with 22% of the total portfolio (in the amount of 664 billion roubles). It is more than 80% of the portfolio, the restructuring of which addressed clients (815 billion roubles), according to data of the Central Bank. The regulator interviewed 33 leasing companies, which account for about 77% of the portfolio and 63% of industry revenue for the company. The rating of leasing companies before the end of summer cumulative restructured portfolio will increase by only 1 percentage point (PP). This was at a videoconference organized by the chamber of Commerce and industry and NP “Leasing Union”, said the Advisor to the first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Moiseev. According to him, in these data there is no aircraft leasing, where the situation differs from other segments because of the measures taken by the government to support airlines.At the beginning of 2020, according to “Expert RA”, the aviation leasing accounted for only 16.9 percent in aggregate leasing portfolio. The largest share was accounted for by leasing railway equipment — 35,8%, in second place were vehicles and 18.2%. A significant proportion (9.8 percent) occupied leasing of sea and river vessels.After the beginning of the spread of coronavirus infection worldwide and the adoption of countries, including Russia, quarantine measures the expectations of leasing companies was worse: they believed that in the second quarter will be restructured 43% of the portfolio, said Mr. Moiseev. However, despite the implementation of a more optimistic scenario, all companies has been a fall in revenue. To dampen this risk of liquidity, the Central Bank under the program of preferential crediting of banks for the segment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to 500 billion rubles. introduced the mechanism of refinancing of leasing activities (see “Kommersant” on 25 may). Applications under the annual unsecured loans can be filed before the end of September, however, only three of the Bank’s “medium size” connected to this option, and the actual refinancing under the lease agreements at the end of June amounted to only 1 billion rubles In Bank of Russia believe that the modest results of refinancing under the lease agreements associated with the formal “legal and operational procedures”.In the company “interlizing” (group of the Bank “URALSIB”) announced that, together with your credit organization study the possibility of participating in the program. “Given the demands on the preparations for the launch will take at least one to two months”,— s��et CFO Evgeny Kochurov. According to him, considering the limitations of the program, the potential scope of participation may be 300-500 million rubles. “In the conditions of crisis, the Central Bank adopted a counter-cyclical measure, but the largest banks are in fact conducting Pro-cyclical policy: unwilling or unable to fulfill the conditions laid down in the programme of the Central Bank not only to preserve but also to increase SME lending and leasing companies,”— said the CEO of the company “Europlan” Alexander Mikhailov. According to him, this is evidenced by the experience of his company, which three major banks have refused to refinance existing loans and delayed the provision of new, despite the growth of the leasing portfolio.Ilya Usov