the Government has extended the closure of cafés, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and masseurs in the four weeks up to 10. may.

It says the prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) at a news conference Monday.

the Government will look at whether they can reopen in the “next phase” of the opening of Denmark.

– If we succeed with the very first phase, it will be a priority for the us to ease restrictions in the next stage, said the prime minister at the press conference.

the Restrictions about to be closed shall continue to apply to a number of traders – including restaurants, cafes, bars, masseurs and hairdressers. It happens to all parts of the society are not open at the same time.

They, along with large parts of Denmark closed the 11. march, Mette Frederiksen presented a number of actions to limit the coronaepidemien in Denmark.

on Monday of last week she said that the government – if the development continued as before – would consider putting time in a reopening of Denmark after easter.

Restaurants and the like, however, must wait a little yet.

The same may, for example, malls, covered arcades, nightclubs and vandpibecaféer also.

at the same time, public employees, working at home, continue to work from home after easter. It informed the prime minister also at the press conference.

A large part of the private sector in the country are also working at home.

They can in a certain extent, meeting at work, again, provided that it takes place health firmly.

the Government will, therefore, take hold of the social partners in order to identify how it should be done, when they are back in the office or behind the cash register.

– We will engage in a dialogue with employees and trade associations, on how the private sector can meet at work again – provided it is done safely, says Mette Frederiksen.

The “first phase” of the reopening, as the prime minister unveiled Monday, involves, to crèches and kindergartens as well as 0. – 5.-class in the country’s schools open after easter.

The same applies to upper secondary education for pupils in the final level.